Thursday, October 8, 2009

Soaps and Body Sprays -- Made Yesterday

I'm really trying to work on my photography skills LOL! It's really hard trying to make these pictures look like a professional took them. I think they look pretty good.

I'm also thinking about doing a monthly giveaway to try and get more people following my blog. So if you're reading this go ahead and sign up to "follow" me and you can get a chance to win something every month. I'm considering a "Candle Giveaway"...I'll try and have everything posted this weekend. If anyone has any marketing ideas I'm all ears. I would love to hear any advice.

Assortment of Soaps

Our Body Sprays contain no alcohol or water and they can be used to freshen up linens, detangle hair, as a room spray, car spray, and of course body spray! The list is endless...

Eucalyptus Body Spray


(Back Label)

Need Help Naming this One! It's my Sinus Opener ;-)

"Almond Goat's Milk Soap"

"Almond Goat's Milk Soap"


"Fresh Lavender"
Lavender Goats Milk Soap with Lavender petals added! Smells so good! These are all 4.5 - 5oz. Sizes vary since they are all hand poured.

(Need Help Naming this one's the same as the other green one
just a different mold)
4.5 - 5oz Sizes vary because they're all Handpoured

This soap is all natural with the essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Patchouli
(it's a real nose opener especially for these winter months)
Patchouli: is really woodsy &earthy it's good for relieving stress, headaches, anxiety, and depression.
Peppermint: Helps with headaches & migraines and it also helps with energy.
Eucalyptus: supports the respiratory system for coughs and colds

"China Rain"

Goat's Milk Soap

Very Clean Floral and Musk! Smells Clean and Fresh!

I will post more later! Thanks for looking!

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